WCSK Leather Sheath with Accessory Pouch


Made from 10oz skirting leather with our signature beeswax finish, our William Collins Leather Knife Sheath has a Kydex retention system to hold your knife securely in place. The sheath can be worn horizontal or vertical, left or right handed. The brass eyelets will let you secure your sheath to packs or vest for more carry options. The accessory pouch holds a standard Altoids tin and can be configured to carry a ferro rod and sharpener.

This product will allow up to TWO accessories. If you need a sheath system with THREE accessories, please select our WCSK Leather Sheath System – Complete product instead.

All WCSK sheaths will be serial numbered to match your knife. Select from our Standard Sheath or Standard Sheath with front panel.

Select up to two add-ons below. If  you require a three-sleeve system, please select our WCSK Leather Sheath System – Complete product instead.

Antlered ½” Ferro Rod (in sleeve)

EZ Lap Sharpener (in sleeve)

Micro Stream Mini Light (in sleeve)

1/2″ Sleeve

EZ Lap Sharpener Sleeve

Microstream Light Sleeve

Add Bottom Sleeve

Custom Loop/Sleeve Sizes

If you would like custom loop/sleeve sizes, please enter the sizes of your requested loops below. If you need a more customized configuration, please give us a call.

Sheath Style

Standard Sheath, Standard Sheath with Front Panel